Monday, August 25, 2008

Knitting Olympics Are Over!

I entered the knitting Olympics. My event was WIP wrestling.

Why did I sign up for the Olympics? I must say, at the end of the hoopla, I'm glad this stupid project is finished. If it wasn't for the Olympics, this sweater would be in the garbage. Allow me to walk you through all of the gaffes.

1) I ran out of dye lot. I could not believe how different the reds were on baby Dale. I had to start the project over from scratch. Not pleased about that one. Not at all. It was suggested to go ahead and finish in mismatched reds because nobody can look at both sides of a baby at once. I contemplated that idea heavily.

2) I seamed one side of the sweater to itself. I COULD NOT BELIEVE that happened! I was just trying to finish. I seamed, picked up my piece and realized I had seamed one piece to itself. I had done such a good job, that I couldn't find my ends anywhere and I had to CUT (with scissors) my sweater apart. That meant ripping back and starting half the side again. I was not pleased. Not pleased at all. But that did allow me to include one errant stripe I had missed the first time.

3) I cannot even count how many times I had to reseam the sides. No matter how I pinned the seams together, I would end up uneven at the end of the seam. It was magic. I have no idea how it kept happening.

I learned a few things about sweater making that I'll keep in mind for the future.

1) I will never EVER make another sweater that has seams. Forget it. Someone please refer me back to this post if I forget the madness.

2) I will not pick up another stitch for at least a year. I am awful at picking up stitches. If I find a pattern that requires picking up stitches I will run screaming and breathe into a paper bag to relax.

The next Olympics is in two years. I better start training. Also, behold Rolanda my favorite Cabbage Patch. The sweater doesn’t fit her, probably won’t fit the baby either. . .

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Sandy said...

You would never know about all the gaffes by looking at it. :) It turned out great!